22 Sep

Question: What do you want us people here in this world to do?

Krishnamurti: “I don’t want anything. That’s first. Second: live, live in this world. This world is so marvelously beautiful. It is our world, our earth to live upon, but we do not live, we are narrow, we are separate, we are anxious, we are frightened human beings, and therefore we do not live, we have no relationship, we are isolated, despairing human beings, we do not know what it means to live in that ecstatic, blissful sense.

I say one can live that way only when one knows how to be free from all the stupidities of one’s life. To be free from them is only possible in becoming aware of one’s relationship, not only with human beings, but with ideas, with nature, with everything.”


from The Flight of the Eagle

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