When Life Happens

8 Jul

What happens when life happens? Thats the question for the weekend. If you know Court and I at all, you know that we accomplish pretty much everything we set our minds to, we don’t let a lot of things get us down, and we do most everything together. So far, our life adventure has been more than I could ever ask for. A rad life from the second we could start making our own decisions. A constant adventure with one goal, to get to the other side, to open our own business.

But what happens when a major goal is accomplished and its not what you want anymore? What happens when the commonalities that have always kept friends close slowly start to fade? What happens when people let you down? When your dream life lets you down?

Well for us stress happened, frustration and a feeling of being trapped. Believe me, it has taken a lot for me to write this post. I am the kind of person that will hide any kind of negative feelings until I blow up. I hate to sound ungrateful, and I especially hate to sound lost, but sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself and the people around you.

And for us that means accepting this time.

Time to start over, time to face up to the fact that maybe our dream life isn’t exactly what we want it to be and maybe that is perfectly ok. Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco will always be our first love, and just like a first love it has made us grow tremendously, it has opened our eyes to what we really want out of life.  The answer is always unclear, lines are always blurry, but when your first love breaks your heart, you always come out of it a stronger person and we are ready to move on.

Besides we are in our early twenties. We have a lot of growing to do individually and a lot more things we want to see before we get elbows deep in cake batter and coffee. So for the time being we are putting our business plans on the back burner, getting to know ourselves a little better and enjoying the rest of our time in this magical city with a little less stress.


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