Dear Diary,

2 Jul

The last two months have been full of firsts, lasts, lots of new and even some old. The last two months were the beginning of a new life, in a new state, surrounded by new people, new feelings and missing old things. Old things, such as the beginning of summer. Our first summer away from the beach we grew up with, and yes, I am aware that we have a beach, a very pretty beach at that, but the fact is we can not shake this longing for the summers of the east coast. Three months of laying on the beach, swimming in the Atlantic, salty hair, sand everywhere, surfer boys, pina coladas, that smell, that feeling, summer. Marked by that first warm day when everyone skips class and heads to the beach until those late August nights spent drinking beers and reminiscing about the past few months. WE MISS IT ALL! and when it’s windy and 50 degrees we miss it even more.

So what I am trying to get at is that these first two months in this new home has made us realize one thing. We are beach girls, we are salty breezes, laid back living, summer forever girls, but we are also west coast girls now and we are doing everything we can to bring the summers we grew up with to a city known for it’s cold, we are finding our own warmth comparable to the sun, and we are getting uber stoked for a vacation to Santa Cruz.

Yours truly,


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