An Update From the Road

23 Apr

Dear Universe,
Sitting under this big overcast sky, drinking possibly the best iced coffee we have ever put into our mouths, we can’t help but feel thankful for this crazy life. Three months ago we left South Carolina with every plan to get to San Francisco by the end of the year. After being in Alabama for just a few months we were able to save enough money to hit the road. At this point it seems insane that our dream of living in the city is just a few days away but we couldn’t be more excited. Austin, you are lovely. Bouldin Creek Cafe, your tofu scramble breakfast was no less than scrumptious perfection and Texas, the little present you gave us this morning was a sign of right time and right place. We are headed to the Grand Canyon in a few hours and then SF where we still do not have a place to live but since everything seems to work out for the best, our faith is at an all time high. So, universe, we thank you for all of this and can not wait to see what else you have in store for two girls from a small town with big dreams.

Hollyanne & Court

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