Things We Will Miss About Alabama

22 Apr

It’s 6:50 AM and we are loading up the last of our lives at 1321 Dominoe Trail. It’s been a wild 3 months down here, and even though it was short lived we managed to make this town feel like home. So, before we head out the door we decided to make a little list of all the things that we will miss about Alabama.

1. Waking up every morning to the smell of grass

2. Wine education at Elli Bistro with the Elli Bistro crew

3. Knowing every single person that works at Publix

4. Cheap gym memberships

5. Passing cows everyday on the way to Starbucks

6. Mamma, Justin, and Kai

7. Having a yard for sunshine and projects

8. Abita Strawberry and Raspberry Shocktop

9. The nice boy at Books-A-Million

10. The inexplainable charm of Gulf Shores beach

11. Dead armadillos

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