‘Best Friends’ Means…

29 Mar

waking up in the morning, and hearing court get ready for work at ungodly hours
you guys bringing me home baked goodies
losing Maplethorp in the couch for an hour
card games on the counter
leaving notes like “I thought you might need this to get through your day.”
sending each other picture messages of Andre bottles and “whatre you doing after work?”
el cerro nights
painting our bodies
driving in gabby TOP DOWN all the way to garden city
BUENO VISTA and getting kicked out for spilling margaritas in the pool
beach days and redbox nights
gummy bears and sweedish fish
“678 triple 9 8-2-1-2”
birthdays and pool days
my first pair of skinny jeans
getting dickens
hating dickens
missing dickens
post-it notes EVERYWHERE
Wilmington trips
Charleston trips
having you both down the hall
the way we met


I swear we both cried when Jame sent this to us the other day. Every single line is the absolute epitome of our lives for the last few years and there is no way we will ever find a best friend that will compare. Love you Jamie Lyn Arrigal!



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