Life Lessons & Lemon Buttercream

28 Mar

This weekend takes the cake for most memorable of Alabama, and when I say cake I mean wedding cake. Court was up to her elbows in buttercream all week creating a cake for a wedding reception four hours away from our home. From the beginning to the end this experience was an adventure to say the least and the statement, ‘I will never make a wedding cake again,’ was mumbled more than once. But much like the words uttered on the morning after a night of one two many drinks, they just are not true.

A short version of this story would never cover the events of our day trip but I will keep the oh-so-necessary summary as brief as possible.

Court pulled an all nighter to finish the cake by Saturday morning and after a last minute scavenger hunt we scored the rock candy to complete the cakes. With a sigh of relief and our hand written directions we hit the highway. First stop, Starbucks where our iced coffees were made wrong and the lady in front of us had a major meltdown, claiming to be in ‘the twilight zone Starbucks.’ Yea, I am not kidding. After the coffee break fiasco we hop back in our car and back on the road, and then hit our breaks due to a traffic jam in the town of Summerdale, where firetrucks are retro colors and people somehow manage to drive into the basement of a house. After the helicopters and cop cars leave the scene and we make sure the wedding cakes in the back of the car aren’t melted yet, we continue our journey to Butler, Al.

In spite of all the morning mishaps we still managed to make it to the reception sight (Pushmataha Plantaton) on time. We even stopped for much needed sno cones on the way. So at this point in the story a happy ending sounds like it is approaching quickly, but this is actually the climax of the story, where the cakes are set up and look gorgeous… and the keys are locked in the car. Believe me guys, I am not making this up, the keys are locked in the car and we are at Pushmataha Plantation on a dirt road surrounded by trees and trees and nothing else. Luckily we live in the 21st century and cell phones get the internet even in the middle of nothing, unfortunately though the closest locksmith is an hour and a half away and the guests are arriving and did I mention I had a tepee drawn on my hand, doodles on my leg, cut off shorts and a cut off t-shirt that definitely showed my belly button and definitely was not appropriate for a wedding reception, oh and Court hasn’t slept for days. But we were there, we were hungry and we were technically invited so we went in had a drink and then explored the woods. After an hour and a half a little pick up truck pulls up and saves our lives, so we head home, eat curry, and go to sleep. I know I rushed the ending, but at this point the only thing you need to know is our ‘what could have been disaster’ day turned out to be an adventure that will be hard to match in terms of BEST EVER. Silver lining guys, silver lining.


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