Wrap It Up!

10 Mar

Hey girls (&boys), remember in your tween years when hair wraps were ALL THE RAGE? Well they were in our world at least and I woke up this morning with a sudden urgency to bring this fashion statement into the 21st century. Who cares if I’m not 13 anymore! What could be better than tying tiny pieces of rainbow colored string in your hair? I can’t think of a thing!

Here are my no fail directions for uber cool hair flare

1. Get some string. The string we use is called floss, it’s cheap and comes in all kinds of funky colors

2. Grab a small chunk of hair (braid, if your heart desires)

3. Tie the floss (color of choice) near the base of the hair chunk

4. Tightly wrap the floss around the hair chunk

5. To switch colors, simply tie a new color where you want it and wrap the floss over the knot to hide seams


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