2371.49 Miles

2 Mar

Another perfect piece of inspiration for our journey, from the always informative Dr. Breede. Read this and tell me you don’t want to pack a bag and hit the road!


It’s hot. It’s really hot. The air waves at you from the distance like a hula dancer, shimmering, shining, giant silver Hawaiian puddles in the sky. The Lizard King wails from the CD player…”the west is the best”…and as we enter the state of California, we switch the CD to ZEP’s “Going to California” and crank it. I try to sing along, but I’m croaking with the Lizard instead of singing – dry as the desert around me from a weak in Las Vegas (misspelling intentional, y’all”).

Forget LA. Forget the city. Drive right up into Bakersfield and start heading north, where the air smells like almonds and oranges, and the sun turns everything golden. ClimbClimbClimb into Sequoia Park – 2 hours to drive 16 miles – hanging precariously from cliffs and switchbacks – WORTH EVERY AGONIZING MOMENT. Breathe deep when you smell the trees in the dark forest that are older than the grass, and the creeks, and the Alpine sheep clinging to the rocks, lit purple with laurel. Down then up again – Kings Canyon – the world laid out in front of you – and BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE.

The only place I’ve ever been in this country where the sound of traffic wasn’t the backdrop – the dessert (misspelling intentional, y’all)


Keep the suggestions coming guys, we have a lot of ground to cover!



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