2371.49 Miles

27 Feb

If you are an avid reader of our blog, or if you know us at all, you know by now we are in transit to the sunny side, also known as California. As we prepare to jump ship in Alabama and make our way across the country we were curious if any of our readers had suggestions for our journey.

I recently contacted one of my favorite professors at Coastal Carolina University about our project and received some pretty stellar feedback that got us even more amped (yea… I didn’t know it was possible either) for our trip.

Here are her suggestions for once we arrive in the city, a few of which happen to be on our fave’s list already and a few I can’t wait to try! Thanks Dr. Breede!

1. Farmers Markets! At the Ferry Building I think every Saturday, and near the municipal center (Chinese Museum) every day

2. CRUSH great fun bar downtown

3. Mission Dolores – I don’t know why – I love it there

4. Wandering about Haight Asbury (of course!)

5. Golden Gate Park (of course) but I especially love hanging around near the arborarium

6. STREET FOOD! Dim Sum, Lumpia, Taquitos…..yum yum

7. Indian and Thai restaurants – EVERYWHERE

8. Hanging down near the trolley turnaround – so crazy

9. Sitting on a wall somewhere down at the piers, eating clam chowder out of a breadbowl, listening to the buskers

10. Muir Woods – spend the day! $5.00

We would love to know what YOUR favorite parts of the city are, as well as some suggestions as places to stop between Alabama and San Francisco. Leave us a comment!

3 Responses to “2371.49 Miles”

  1. Jen Clouston March 1, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    Hey girls! That trip sounds awesome…so happy and excited for you guys! My family and I made a trip similar to that when I was much younger and I don’t remember too much, but I do think you should def check out Carmel, CA (Carmel-by-the-sea). It is a small town on the Cali coast somewhere south of San Fran…it is beautiful and full of art and boutiques and somewhere I think you guys may love! Google it and check it out! And of course the Grand Canyon is a must see if you haven’t….it is kind of out of the way, but totally worth it…amazingly breathtaking natural beauty 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics and read about your journey!

  2. Jennifer Clouston March 1, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    Hey girls! I thought I just posted a comment but I don’t think it showed up! So I will write another one just in case. I am excited for you girls and your journey. I made a trip across the country with my family when I was young so I don’t remember much. But I do suggest you visit Carmel, CA (aka Carmel-by-the-sea). It is a small town south of San Fran and it is beautiful! Wine, art, and small boutiques…and it is on the coast and the scenery is beautiful! It seems like a place you guys would enjoy and appreciate. And then there is obviously the Grand Canyon….I know it is sort of out of the way, but if you have never seen it in person, it would be totally worth it! It is so breathtaking and natural and just plain awesome! I wish you girls the very best and safe travels…I can’t wait to see pictures! Love you girls!

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