We Take the Scenic Route

19 Feb

It is always easier to wallow in the miseries of your not so horrible life, than to explore the glittering gems that this world exudes. This is especially true when the place you want to be is not quite the place you’re at. We can totally say this from experience though, when you put away your expectations and open your eyes to what surrounds you, anyplace has the potential to become a make shift paradise.

Last night we rediscovered the foundation of our paradise in the form of nature’s ever inspiring beauty. Driving down the beach road, windows down, music up and and the sunset seemingly surrounding us, it was impossible to do anything but smile.

Our aimless drive took us in the direction of Perdido Key, Fl where we located a gorgeous rock lined beach and later a quirky bar covered with dog paintings and a menu serving up veggie sushi and Southern Pecan beer. We also witnessed our current new obsession of the sun and moon being out at the same time (We like to believe this epic-ly cool phenomenon has some sort of magical power within the universe). Our night of discovered hidden treasures  could be legit proof of our imaginative theory or possibly just proof that we will forever be earth hugging, day dreaming, gypsies.

Either way, our little adventure uncovered a few more reasons to love this little land of the lost and also produced some damn good pictures, if we do say so ourselves.



So wherever you are at on this forever curving road called life we suggest taking a detour; see the sights, take some pictures, and smile.

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