Steals and Thrills

16 Feb

We’ve already hinted of our secret to stellar style but in case you didn’t pick up what we were dropping down..THRIFT STORES are where it’s at, and when I say it, I mean everything you could possibly need at the low low price of  a hand me down with the ‘got to have it,’ over the top patterns and cuts of years past. We recently discovered a thrift store here in Alabama with a name that drew us in instantly, The Holy Spirit Thrift Store, there is no way any self acknowledged cool kid could pass up such a place.

If you are pro at the game of thrifting, you KNOW it takes a few rounds of exploring to find the good stuff and today we hit the jack pot! The cheap clothes, designer names and the fact that there was not a hipster in sight gave us an indescribable adrenaline rush and after checking out and chatting about our great deals with the counter babes we drove home to share our finds with YOU.

$40 dollars got us…

Stuart Weitzman pumps

Mustard yellow heels

Pink and heart striped sweater

Off white mid thigh-length button up sweater

Red leather vintage boots

Gray sweatshirt (an inspiring blank canvas)

Coolest knee length coat ever with faux fur lining and detachable hood…perfect for our future life in SF!

Vintage Liz Claiborne mini messenger

Sterling  calligraphy “C” pendent

Sweet metal cross pendent



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