V is for…

22 Jan

The Vision Wall was created because of an over abundance of inspiration in our lives leading to a need for more space on our bedroom walls. The Vision Wall is a collection of all the little things  that inspire us on the reg, all the little things that keep our creativity constantly flowing.

So next question.. who are we?

We are Courtney and Hollyanne Sparks. Two twenty somethings on the adventure of our lives across the country to eventually open our own vegan bakery and coffee shop on the best coast. Although planning our business endeavors keep our dreams occupied, we, as artists, know the importance of aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Which is where The Vision Wall comes into play, although this site is important for our own creative expression/sanity, we love the idea of sharing it with YOU. So we vow to provide you with all the inspirations that make our lives glitter in the form of amazing artists, loud music, fashion you would love to wear, food… lots of food, blue skies, bike rides and tons of pictures along the way. In other words we vow to provide you with the epitome of all things cool.

One Response to “V is for…”

  1. laura February 1, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    inspirational and entertaining as par… loved the new music… you girls keep the “young” in my heart.. and always ❤ for you 2!

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